Set Up Your Own Branch Office

For Loan Officers who originate mortgages full time, and those looking for an opportunity to manage their own office and staff, PMF gives you the option of setting up your own branch office.  With a monthly fee of only $1625, high volume producers have an opportunity to close a lot of loans at very little cost to themselves.  If you are looking to turn your industry experience and client network into better earnings for yourself, this is the way to go!

As a Branch Manager, you control your branch’s bank account, allowing you to pay for business expenses, receive payments, and track performance without unnecessary interference from the corporate office.  You can personally hire the team that you need to be successful.  You know what you need to do to be a successful loan officer, and we are here to help you succeed.

Branch fee paid to PMF

$1,625 + 3% of Origination Fees

Here are some of the reasons why mortgage originators join the PMF family:

Access to state of the art industry software including Encompass, LoanSifter, and more. Our technology helps you close loans faster!

No hidden correspondent lender fees or rate changes. The rates that you get from your Lenders are the rates that you pay!

A lean compliance staff that helps you stay on the right side of the law.

You can process your loans yourself or team with any of our three processing providers. These industry leaders bring their knowledge and diligence to the table to help clear any obstacles in your path!

Don't settle for two or three different lenders to choose from we have 57 lenders to help you close more loans.  No situation or scenario is too complicated and we will work with you and our Lenders to close your loans!

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